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Award-winning photographer Andreana Stoyanova, born in Bulgaria in 1982, was at the age of three immersed in ballet and on her way to becoming a ballet prodigy.  Traumatized by a childhood sexual molestation, she suffered from self-inflicted body shaming and guilt.  This experience greatly impacted her life as a teenager and early twenties as a woman.  Later as a UC Berkeley student, her innate ever-present passion about art and self-expression found a wider and intense expression in drawing, and most particularly in one after another sculpting of, the female body - with the huge benefit of bringing relief and healing from a sense of guilt and shame about her own body she carried as a young woman.  

In college Andreana also resumed dancing, and passionately so, as a vehicle to celebrate and explore her own body, passion, sensuality and sexuality as a woman, just as she explored that of all women with her sculpting. In the processes she gained deep appreciation for the wonder and the beauty that is the human body – now the inspiration and focus of her work in her photography career.


 As a photographer in 2016, “Human Shapes” became her first independent study project. She captures all images in camera and uses a single light source to create high contrast that accentuates the lines and shape of her subject. There is minimal post-production, as her subjects’ imperfections are beautiful.  

To Learn more about Andreana, visit her website, click here.


2015 Juried Exhibit Santa Monica College – First Place in Nude Category for “Worthy, Vulnerable, Powerful”

2015 Juried Exhibit Santa Monica College – Honorary Mention 

2016 Fine Art Photography Award- Nominee Award 



2015 Juried Exhibit Santa Monica College

2015 Documentary Photography Exhibit Santa Monica College

2018 Santa Monica Airport Arena I Gallery

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