tHE Annabel Aoun Blanco ARt ROOM

A delicate and spiritual expression of the body in its environment that leads to a harmonious balance despite the contrast of colors, materials, and textures

Annabel Aoun Blanco is of French Lebanese-Venezuelan heritage. She was born in Paris, where she lives and works.

The full-face or full-size portraits taken in Annabel Aoun Blanco’s works function as masks and convoke in turn spectres, mummies, or ghosts. In her project, the sole purpose of the portrait is to reflect the complexity of portraiture and its relation to memory. Annabel Aoun Blanco's interest lies essentially in remembrance that is the way images of still or animated portraits recall the inconstant and fragile representation, which in fact is the aim of remembering action.

The whole plastic device implemented by the artist is orientated towards memory phenomenology, with photography or video bringing in variable visibility forms, the fleeting impressions felt during the remembrance process.

The emergence of the faces, or their burial, expresses a fascination for the boundary between life and death, between appearance and disappearance, and the presence that leaves room for the memory.


The emotional power that runs throughout her work is correlated with an aesthetic redefinition of the imprint and of the trace: the photographic grain which is perfectly associated with the roughness of the image-memory and the video sequences which persist endlessly in reversed time escalation. A gentle melancholy is expressed by the images through this appeal to a return of time. ( Robert Pujade)



representation for the global artist in the north american marketplace

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representation for the global artist in the north american marketplace