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tHE Boris Wilensky ARt ROOM

The gravity of the world transpires through compositions associating the thought of man to his urban environment. A dream of nature in the middle of the confinement of his condition of life.
A real message of hope ...
Boris Wilensky

Boris Wilensky is a 46 year old French photographer.

His earlier photo framework features the Hip-Hop movement where he evolved, executing artists' portraits, such as Kool Shen, Oxmo Puccino, Kery James, IAM...

Great traveler and image seeker, Boris created numerous photographic travel diaries in the course of his wanderings.

After a stay in Asia, the necessity to engage in a profound reflection on the urban world became essential to him. Boris Wilensky hence illustrated the dazzle & decline, speed & collapse paradoxes in the first of the series named "Origins".

The photographer, both witness and actor, has extended much further his staging by highlighting these themes in his first fine art book entitled Hurban-Vortex, available in April 2015.