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Guillaume du Mesgnil d’Engente did not have a planned path right from the start. He first chose to go for sales training. During this period, with his taste for strong artistic styles, he discovered the world of Applied Arts. After practicing as a salesman for several years, he finally decided to go back to school, for studying what he was really excited about: graphic design.

At that time, he began to develop his photographic activity as an autodidact; and what started as a hobby became a real passion.

His great sense of technique, which is very close to thoroughness, serves his particular artistic sensitivity. In constant creative watch, he multiplies his sources of inspiration: femininity, bodies, nature, urban landscapes, texture of objects. In his work, the play of light and shadow, the treatment of black and colour, become his signature with his photographic series Colorful Darknesses.

Guillaume du Mesgnil d’Engente is an active contemplative who likes to observe his subject, in order to mature his eye and think about different artistic and technical possibilities.

In 2017, he begins to share his work on the Internet. Very quickly, he wins a first contest on the theme “red”. At the same time, he takes part in several exhibitions. He also wins the Public Prize with his colorful nudes for his very first participation in this type of event. In 2018, he also won the EISA Maestro competition in France, but this time with his photographic series on nature.

Today, many projects are in preparation and the year 2019 is likely to be well filled, the sharing of its work with the public will therefore continue. In parallel with his artistic activity, Guillaume is also a journalist in Paris for Les Numériques, one of the first French information website dedicated to new technologies.

2017 — Winner Focus Numérique and Datacolor contest

2017 —  Public Prize
Seventh Artistic Nude Meetings in Villeréal, France

2018 — Curator’s favorite
International Salon of Contemporary Art in Marseille, France

2018 — Winner France for EISA Maestro

2018 — Honorable Mention to the Chromatic Awards

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