tHE Ibuki Kuramochi ARt ROOM

Born in Japan, Multi-media Artist 

IBUKI KURAMOCHI specializes in artworks for exhibition

(paintings, movies and digital works), and also specializes in live performances combining her live painting with her Japanese Butoh dance.


From 2012, Ibuki started exhibiting works in major cities in Japan, U.S.A.,Taiwan, France, Italy and Australia.

She studied Butoh dance at the world renown Kazuo Ohno Butoh Dance Studio in Yokohama in 2016.


Through her work, she pursues the physicality of Butoh’s poetic choreography and the pursuit of the human body in anatomy.

She visualizes her performance and body movements as two-dimensional works and video works.

Ibuki works a lot with black and white, which represent the beginning and nothingness. This comes from the concept of a Mother’s breast milk which comes from the mother’s blood (red color) for feeding the baby (white color). ​Ibuki explores concepts of the body, thought and physical resonance, metamorphosis, the ideal of  the Sci-Fi animation character’s body, and the uterus and fetishism. In 2019, Ibuki received a USA O-1 artist visa.

​She currently resides in Los Angeles.​

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