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Street Artist in Los Angeles, Born in Barcelona

Caps, markers, and cans were the tools that he switched from the pens and brushes a while ago. Shifting his perspective of the art world and transforming brick walls into endless canvases.

KYN (Barcelona, 1981) is a Spanish creative Director and street artist residing in Los Angeles. His works and projects have been presented across the globe in places such as France, Netherland, Italy, Morocco, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


His primary mediums are murals and paintings. Through mixing the techniques and his experience in graphic arts with performance and action painting, KYN’s art yields on dynamic sites and movement to produce his large-scale works worldwide. KYN has drawn inspiration through his interpretation of design and many of the places he has visited to create his graffiti concept of realism and expressionism.

Aside from leading graphic design teams associated with Real Estate, and also as Creative Director of MTM Watch in LA and has applied an eclectic graphic approach as to where he doesn’t allow the background to be secondary, it is treated in-depth as the whole of the painting. It is when he becomes established in the USA, between Los Angeles and Miami that his work shifts to fusing Miami’s glow with Los Angeles’s ferocity, exploring new chromatic possibilities that he combines with more abstract forms into his figurative works.

He is the founder of a non-profit art therapy organization “Holistic Kids Foundation” while being an Art Therapist, he uses Chromotherapy to facilitate children’s release of emotional states and internal blockage.



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