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Casper Brindlelight | GLYPHS Exhibit at The William Turner Gallery

I had to pleasure to visit the newest exhibit Glyphs by Artist Casper Brindlelight at The William Turner Gallery. I always want to support my favorite galleries and the artists that are showing.

With Light | Glyphs, Casper Brindle presents two new bodies of work, each involving dramatic investigations into light, color and perspective. The results are poetic, sensual and spatially dynamic. Utilizing automotive paints, pigmented acrylic and metal leaf, Brindle has created works that reflect and diffuse light in ways that are nuanced and engaging. Glyphs refer to pre-linguistic, ancient modes of communication, where symbols or marks were carved in relief to convey ideas in lieu of words. Transformative and mysterious, Casper Brindle’s newest series, Light | Glyphs, plays on this notion.

Here are some of my favorite photos


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