• Guy Hector

Jeremy Kidd Constellation Place Commission


C O N S T E L L A T I O N • P L A C E • C O M M I S S I O N

“SADDLEBACK BUTTE MILLS 1” (2016-2019) ED 1/3 90”H x 216” W x 4"D ED 1/3

Depicts Antelope Valley east of Lancaster, California. The work was sketched using the panoramic mode on an iPhone, then re-photographed with a DSLR and assembled from a number of shots to match the immediacy of the original study.

Exploring the intersection of the dystopian and the sublime, the turbines and the felled turbine head indicate hope and then decay. Cumulonimbus clouds engulf the scene, as the power of nature expressess it dominance. This is reminiscent of works from the Hudson River School where a storm would depict the uncontrollable heart of nature.

The piece is Installed at Constellation Place is a 35-story, 492-foot skyscraper in the Los Angeles, California community of Century City. It houses the headquarters of Houlihan Lokey, ICM Partners, and International Lease Finance Corporation.

The project was commissioned by Jodi Talentino, Property Manager Constellation Place LLC through the Art Advisor Xiliary Twil Art Asset Management Group, Inc.

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