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Growing up between the coast of Menorca, the Alpine landscape of Austria and urban Munich, the urge to explore and experience the world emerged early on. So she traveled across all the continents, and fell madly in love with our fascinating planet. On her travels, the curious explorer collected mental snapshots that are still rooted in her deep emotions today.


An important aspect are the photographs, that Anna has been able to collect over the years all over the world and now serve as a blueprint for her paintings. Her pieces are not about depicting lifelike landscape paintings.

Anna van den Hövel wants to give the viewer more. She connects the creative process with its own individual perception of the world. Expressive and unconventional techniques are used.

After a long study of materials, Anna has found the perfect mix for her works to create a collage through layering and blending. She combines acrylics, pigments, lacquer and materials such as sand, earth or mortar to make the images in her head a reality.

Anna Van den Hövel

"My definition of art is to create something with my hands that expresses who I am," she says about her work. 

Her pieces are more than just plain paintings. The often large-format canvases with generously applied layers catches the viewer through powerful movements and offers a surprisingly new view of our planet 

“Birdview”, a series from her creative cycle. The bird's-eye view makes her motifs smaller, smaller and powerless. Only the big picture of colors, shapes and materials offers the viewer a scope to perceive buildings, objects and landscapes.


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