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Antoine Poupel

Born in 1956 in Le Havre, France. Lives and works in Paris.

  • 1982 - Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression

  • 1984 -1985 Pensioner at the Académie de France in Rome

  • 1987 - Laureate of the Leonardo da Vinci Research and Creation Grant, for Mexico and Brazil, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • 1990 - Training in New Image Technologies (CNAP)

  • 1992 - Incentive fund grant for the creation of the National Center of Plastic Arts, for the Portraits of Personalities project


His avant-garde artistic work, questioning the pictorial and chemical limits of photography has made him known all over the world and has opened the doors of the most prestigious photographic institutions as well as Crazy-Horse cabaret and the Zingaro equestrian theater. .

He has published numerous books and carried out numerous exhibitions in France, Russia, the United States, Europe and Japan. Learn more about Antoine, visit his website, click here.


National Contemporary Art Background 
Regional Contemporary Art Foundation of Upper Normandy 
Regional Contemporary Art Foundation of Ile de France 
Museum of Fine Arts of Le Havre 
Museum of Art and Archeology of Aurillac 
Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris 
Artothèque of Toulouse 
House of Culture of Le Havre 
National Library, Paris 
European House of Photography, Paris 
Deposit and Consignment Office of Picardy 
Agnès b 
Chanel KK 
Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan 
Kasama Nichido Museum, Ibaraki, Japan 
Kawaguchiko Museum, Yamanashi, Japan 

"I am concerned about the very etymology of the term photography, it is a question of painting, to draw, so the notion of author remains central in my work, if I chose the photographic medium, it is to deconstruct his mechanical character, reintroducing the part of the artist who uses light as a pictorial material.The monotypes that I realize undergo various treatments, which make them unique but while reinforcing their photographic specificity.I act with chemistry as a painter with its palette, this one is always the receptacle (the revealer) of the light with which I draw. "  Antoine Poupel


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