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Curator and photographic artist, Living in Tokyo Japan / born in Nagoya-city in 1951, creates photographic compositions by combining the traditional camera with the modern computer.


His work captures the expanse of spaces either in meditative black or white or in bold splashes of coloured light. His work has been exhibited around the world.


2012 Third International Biennial of Graphic Digital Arts Gdynia

2013 ARTE LAGUNA Photographic Art Department


1979 'For Thee' Poetry

2005 "SAKURA" Poetry art book


Solo Exhibition

2005 "MIDORI The Green”  at the Gallery KAZE in Tokyo, Japan
2006 "SAKURA”  at the Gallery KAZE in Tokyo, Japan
2007 -reincarnation-  at the Gallery MOA in Heyri Artist Valley, KOREA
2008 Cherry trees in full bloom at the Gallery KAZE in Tokyo & at the Gallery Shizuku in Ageo,Japan
2011 It’s the Time to be ‘Autumn’ at the Niche Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
2014 Moonlight Serenade at Niche Gallery
2016 KAZZ MORISHITA Solo at Niche Gallery in Tokyo,Japan
Solo Exhibition at U space Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan
Moonlight Serenade at PDNP GALLERY in Dallas. USA
2017 Solo Exhibition at GINZA G2 Gallery
at Lebenson Gallery in Paris, France
2018 From The Beginning at BUNKAMURA in Tokyo, Japan
Greeting at Athalie in Tokyo, Japan


Group Exhibition / Art Show
2007 Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China
2011 Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China
2012 China, Japan and Korea Art Exhibition’, Shanghai China / Third International Biennial Of Graphic Digital Arts Gdynia
Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China
2013 Asia Gallery Art Fair / Art Shanghai,China / Eko-An in Tokyo, Japan /(Tensai108) in Tokyo,
Japan / ARTE LAGUNA Photographic Art Department
2014 ‘fotofever, PARIS, France
2015 LA ART SHOW, Los Angels, CA, USA / AHAF Hong Kong / Infinity Japan 2015, Taichu,Taiwan / Affordable London /
SCOPE Barsel, Switzerland / Japan Salone Milan, in Itary / Systema Gallery Higashi-Osaka /
Affordable Seoul, KOREA / KIAF Seoul, KOREA / fotofever Paris, France / MIAMI SCOPE, USA
2016 Wonder Foto Day Taipei, Taiwan / Infinity Japan in Taipei / New York SCOPE, USA / CONTEX New York / Affordable
Fotofever Paris / CCBA Milano / SCOPE Miami / Art Miami CONTEXT Miami
2017 LA Art Show, Los Angels, CA, USA / Infinity Japan in Taipei / ART ASIA SINGAPORE, Singapore / MIA Photo Fair,
Milano Itary / ART NAGAGOYA, Japan / Affordable Milan, Milano Itary / Affordable Brussel,Belgium / SCOPE NY,
New York USA / KIAF in Seoul, Korea / fotofever in Paris, France / Art Miami CONTEX in Miami, USA
2018 Infinity Japan in Taipei, Taiwan / art KARLSRUHE in Germany / SCOPE in New York, USA / Art Paris Art Fair in France /
Reflections on the Aesthetics of contemporary art in Korea, Japan and China In Seoul Korea / ‘If So What’ In SF, USA