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An ultracontemporary expression that combines the joy, elegance of colors with a supra modern technology. The infinite repetitions of his own portrait are combined and assembled according to his own technique to represent forms that are always harmonious and lighthearted.

Maurizio Sapia was born in Sanremo in 1966. After finishing school and at the end of his career as a cyclist, he moved to Milan at the age of 21. Here fascinated by the great creativity in the world of fashion, he followed photography courses at the IED (European Design Institute). He started to work first as an assistant and then as a photographer at a studio in Milan, specializing in still life photography.


After several years, in 2001, he founded Studio h2o with three partners, where he still works today, collaborating with various fashion magazines and advertising agencies. He is also part of a group of directors, IT technicians and video makers formed to develop 3D video recording techniques. 

In the last fifteen years, through the photographic medium, he has sought his own personal mode of expression, free from the rules of commercial photography: at first through the use of traditional photography, and successfully with computers, he has explored territories bordering between photography and painting, resulting in a very personal style.


His experience in the field of digital environments then extended his interests to interactive installations.


For a few years, he has been working alongside the Die Mauer contemporary art gallery in Prato and recently with EB Gallery in Los Angeles, USA and Galerie STP in Greifswald, Germany. He lives and works in Milan.

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