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  • Writer's pictureDeborah Newman, The Art House Global

Casper Brindle - Hypermodality at The Luckman Fine Arts Complex

Guy Hector and The Art House Global had the opportunity to attend at The Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Casper Brindle: Hypermodality on September 29. This exhibition is curated by Mika Cho.

Brindle’s Hypermodality is a phenomenal experiment expanding the aesthetic experience of color, light, and form concomitant with space. The various structural arrangements of his forms, partly reminiscent of the Light and Space movement, evoke a new sense of reality— a reality that transcends beyond the material facets into emotions long buried by man’s logical and structural pursuits. Likewise, it is rare to see such simplicity projecting complex notions regarding both being and time. While Hypermodality focuses on his current work, the exhibit is pleased to include earlier productions of Casper Brindle to provide and ensure a sense of his aesthetic journey and stylistic continuum.

A contemporary disciple of the 1960s & 70s Light and Space generation, Brindle too is intrigued by the sensory experiences triggered by color and light. His expansive paintings shift and morph as the viewer walks past them, compelling them to pause and begin to explore the enigmatic spaces of perception. Brindle has referred to the process in which he creates his works as trance-like, and one can’t help but notice the meditative quality these paintings induce.


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