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Guy Hector's Travels in Paris

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I love traveling, I have that Wanderlust in my Soul, that "joie de vivre" which makes me seek out the artists that I love! Please enjoy some of my travels through France!

Visiting the Klimt Exposition in Paris

To mark its opening, the Atelier des Lumières will present an immersive exhibition devoted to the main figures in the Viennese art scene, of which Gustav Klimt was a key figure. To mark the hundredth anniversary of the painter’s death, and that of Egon Schiele, their works will be brought to life to the sound of music on the former foundry’s immense projection surface.

In late nineteenth-century Imperial Vienna, Gustav Klimt was one of the principal decorative painters of the sumptuous monuments on the Ringstrasse. At the dawn of the new century, he led the Vienna Secession, a movement that sought to break away from academic art. Both famous and contested, Klimt paved the way to modern painting. The gold and decorative motifs that characterize his works are a symbol of this artistic revolution. The immersive exhibition includes the works that typify Klimt’s work and made him so famous—his ‘golden period’, portraits, and landscapes. Text Above from (

I love the beauty of Paris, the history, the art, the architecture, the street art and the people.

Here are some of my favorite photos.

And Finally being able to visit and spend quality time with some of the artists I represent in North America.

Annabel Aoun Blanco

Visit Annabel's Art Room, Here

Antoine Poupel

Visit Antoine's Art Room, Here

Boris Wilensky

Visit Boris's Art Room, Here

Chris Calvet

Visit Chris's Art Room, Here


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