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Maurizio Sapia Solo Show

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

ON THE EDGE solo show at STP Galerie Greifswald (DE)

02.02 - 06.04.2019

The gallery STP was founded in 2010 in Greifswald and specializes in Eastern European art with a focus on photography. The mission of the gallery is to offer a space for well-known artists as well as for young Eastern European artists for exhibitions. The gallery encourages interaction between artists with special projects, festivals and fairs. At the same time German artists are presented in Eastern Europe.

Maurizio Sapia, born in 1966 in Sanremo, Italy, is the co-founder of the h2o studio in Milan and part of a group developing 3D video recording techniques. By combining classic photography and intensive image processing, he develops digital collages of intense color. His hundredfold self-presentations become a basic building block of surreal forms with a three-dimensional effect. Thematically, he takes up social, political and personal issues.

Below TV coverage, in German but you will see some of Maurizio's amazing work. Also photos of opening night.


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