• Guy Hector

The Art House Global Loves DIAVOLO

DIAVOLO Exciting Production Merci Jacques I love the show and what you created for our Veterans! Fantastic Job, amazing

From their website:

Jacques Heim was born and raised in Paris, where his earliest artistic experience came from street performing. He attended Middlebury College (B.F.A. in Theater, Dance, and Film), the University of Surrey in England (Certificate for Analysis and Criticism of Dance), and the California Institute for the Arts (M.F.A. in Choreography). Not strictly a dancer or acrobat, Heim calls himself an “architect of motion.” He is rather like a drill sergeant or a football coach who loves pushing dancers beyond their own physical and emotional limits to make them feel that they can conquer anything, to make them realize that they are heroes.

To all who want to learn more about this amazing group visit their website, click here.

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