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The Craig Krull Gallery's opening for Artists Gronk and Woods Davy, November 8, 2021

I had such a great time attending the art exhibition opening at the Craig Krull Gallery on November 8, 2021 featuring the work of Artists Gronk and Woods Davy.

Gronk (Glugio Gronk Nicandro) is a Los Angeles-based performance artist and painter. He uses thick layers of intensely colored acrylic paint to create expansive, expressionistic images. His symbols and characters emanate less from waking life than from the unconscious zone where visions and nightmares take shape.Gronk created the mural Tormenta Cantata, Echoes from the Past, live at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in 1996. (

Woods Davy Works With Stones In Natural, Unaltered States Collected From The Sea Or The Earth, And Assembles Them Into Fluid And Precarious Sculptural Combinations That Appear Weightless. These Sculptures Of Heavy Stone Elements Seem To Defy Gravity And Float Like Clouds, Roll Like Waves, Or Bend With The Flow Of The Ocean’s Chaotic Currents.

photo from left to right: Artist Andy Moses, Artist Kelly Berg, Artist Stuart Kusher and Guy Hector

Billy Gross, a long-standing activist for arts as an art consultant, advisor, agent, and curator and Guy Hector.


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