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William Turner Gallery Jay Mark Johnson Exhibition

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

It’s always an amazing adventure at the William Turner’s Gallery, located at The Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Ave E-1, Santa Monica, CA.

I had the pleasure to attend the William Turner Gallery Opening Reception December 1st for IT'S ABOUT TIME, an exhibition of large format color photographs by artist Jay Mark Johnson. According to the Gallery, " The works display a range of subject matter — people, cars, trains, waterfalls and waves, shot from locations around the globe – all united by Johnson’s ongoing inquiry into the possibilities of timeline photography."

(photo above from left to right: Jay Mark Johnson, William Turner, Guy Hector)

I was very impressed by the work of Jay Mark Johnson, his pictures are amazing and innovative, as he says “all of these photographs are time line photographs, the left side of the picture is older than the right side of the picture”

Great work

I had the opportunity to speak with the artist for a few minutes and wanted to share with you all above.

Below are some photos of the reception.


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