tHE Tom D. Jones ARt ROOM

This artist like the perspectives of immensity as well as repeating infinite graphic forms on colors of an intense luminosity. it’s combinations of power of intensity touches the spectator and apaise him with  a sensation of eternity. His série animal sublimate the force of life and the perfection of nature grasped in a black and white lens. His vision gives you a sense of the giant space surrounding us.

In recent years, Tom D. Jones’ fine art photography has won a great many awards in large international competitions.


Yet, the most striking one is the Hasselblad Master Award 2012. Worldwide this biennial exclusive photo happening stands for creativity, art and craftsmanship.


Consequently, Tom D. Jones is the very first Belgian Hasselblad Master to join a list with famous names such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, Howard Shatz... etc. His work is characterised by clean compositions, light and depth, reflecting mainly infinite serenity and simplicity.

To learn more about Tom D. Jones, click here.

‘Game Over’ by Tom D. Jones

Making of video for Hasselblad master book 'EVOKE'

Exhibition by Tom D. Jones @ Scharpoord, Knokke, Belgium

Making of video 'Momentum' serie

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